Entry #1

Big ideas and dead time

2017-10-12 22:42:57 by ardakio2

Thanks to all people who follow me (haha), if you are reading this it's probable that you no have anything better to do with your life so enjoy my work and try to forget the bad decisions that made you arrived here.

Well, i was making a lot of music (almost 80 songs) but only the half of this are finished, i'm i trying to all the ideas in the air will be accomodated in the correct way, the last song that i composed are 26 minutes lenght, so i make a bandcamp for all of this near projects

I really wish that you'll enjoy all of this, i was experimenting with ambient/classic, but i make metal and experimental too and i really wanna try a antifolk/bedroom music maybe some horrocore too, also i will  try to make more music with a friend of my past band (we only lasted two days).

Also i'm trying to make animation again, it's very hard 'cause i only have a mouse, but some ideas are written or drawed in some notebooks.

I hope that someday you can see this stuff, i still work to make that day come soon.

See you

"The Child Who Absorbs Life"

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/ardakio2/



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